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Acro show performance at Brookes Dance Academy

Acrobatic Dance blends classic dance styles with acrobatic elements. Some of the skills look similar to Gymnastics , however Acro Dance training includes expressive presentation, musicality and artistic movement and is trained to be able to perform the skills on a hard floor. Acro is a great asset to student's Modern Dance training.

acrobatic arts logo

16.00 - 16.45  Primary levels 1 & 2
17.30 - 18.15 Levels 3 & 4
18.15 - 19.00 Levels 5, 6 & 7

10.30 - 11.00
  Juniors (2 - 6yrs)

Acro performance
Acro lessons
Acro Bridge
Acro practise

Tap, Modern, Acro, Contemporary and Body Conditioning Uniform

Acro uniform
BDA logo Acro uniform

​Black cotton stirrup tights / shorts 

Black tap shoes (if applicable)

Leotards as above (Junior Acro - Capped sleeved leotard)
Black cotton crossover (optional)
Long hair should be tied back and off the face

(please note the shop is for BDA students only, please refer to your, 'Thank you for registering email' to get the access code)

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