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  Here's what Parent's and Alumni students say about Brookes Dance Academy -


  • "Amazing, caring, confidence boosting dance school with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. My daughter joined in immediately she started and she has blossomed into a much more self assured person" - Clare Sermon

  • "I hugely recommend this Dance School. Emma has a fabulous rapport with the children and my daughter always comes out of every lesson with a beaming smile. Great techniques taught in a really fun way 10/10" - Josephine Clark

  • "A wonderful dance school with very professional and fun teaching. Emma's professionalism is second to none and the children's enjoyment of their lessons is apparent. The dance show in 2019 was one of the best children's performances I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot!) Emma's dedication, hard work and love of dance shines through, and the children in her classes obviously share her enthusiasm." - Susie Bodle

  • "Emma’s experience within both the professional industry and years of teaching have given her a vast range of skills and knowledge that she is able to adapt for students who want to dance for fun once a week, to students looking to enter the professions industry themselves. This not only means she has been an excellent teacher, but also a mentor to me, helping me with everything from technique, to finding dance schools, to giving me teaching experience to help kick start my career. Emma has inspired me in so many ways and I cannot recommend her teaching enough!" - Hannah Smith

  • "My daughters love Emma’s dance classes. She is very patient with the little ones and helps them develop confidence and independence whilst having fun." - Toby Withers-Green

  • "Wonderful dance school. Staff are professional, caring and inclusive to the children's individual needs. Professional teaching with a fantastic atmosphere and great communication. We love it. Perfect." - Emma Abbott

  • "I have been very impressed by the hard work and dedication that is put in to Brookes Dance Academy to make it both professional, safe, and fun for my children. The staff are friendly, the classes are engaging and enjoyable and most of all the children are encouraged to participate in lots of lovely shows and performances throughout the year. After only two years of BDA ballet classes, my daughter successfully achieved a Merit in her ballet exam, which has given her a huge amount of confidence. The encouragement and training she received was second to none, and in light of this, I would highly recommend Brookes Dance Academy."- Nicola Sapsford

  • "My daughter loves Brookes Dance Academy and does both Tap & Modern and Acro classes with Emma. Throughout lockdown and with continued social distancing measures, Emma made sure that the virtual classes remained fun whilst still challenging the girls to push themselves further. My daughter learned New routines and skills and was so pleased to have mastered a “pick up” (Emma sent personal messages and videos to help her achieve this 😊). We look forward to resuming face to face classes in the new term. Thank you Emma!" - Adele Bird

  • "Emma is absolutely amazing with the children. My daughter adores her and really enjoys ballet as a result. Emma is dedicated and really enjoys bringing out the best in her students, can't recommend highly enough." - Zoe Snazelle

  • "Frankie thoroughly enjoys coming each week to dance classes. She likes the fact that it helps her improve her posture, flexibility and helps keep her fit while having fun. Frankie used to lack confidence in herself. Since starting ballet classes with Emma I've seen improvements in Frankie's posture, strength and more importantly her confidence. Her particular highlight was participating in the performance, the show was fantastic." - Ellie Stork

  • "Emma continues to run a very professional and friendly dance school, which my daughter enjoys being a part of. I am always confident in Emma's abilities to teach the skills needed in lessons and particularly her knowledge of the individual dancers anatomical abilities." - Hester Baker

  • "I can 100% recommend Brookes Dance Academy for student's of all ages and levels. Miss Emma is such a professional and inspirational teacher, her enthusiasm and passion really shines through and my daughter has loved her classes for many years now. Thank you Emma." - Lin Bromfield

  • "My girls love this dance school, very professional but still a welcome and caring feel. I would definitely recommend." - Claire Glover​

  • "Before lockdown and throughout Miss Emma and her daughter’s kind and gentle manner have been a comfort and the consistency has really helped my daughter. She is only 4 but has already learnt lots of movements and dance sequences she teaches us at home! Miss Emma was great also at taking her off our hands subtly if she was clinging or crying! Great all round introduction for any little lover of dance. 😊" - Laura McDonald

  • "Emma is incredibly professional and highly skilled which comes across in her teaching. I can happily recommend Brookes Dance Academy for all levels of Dance training and all ages." - Samantha Billingham​

  • "Best dance school in not only in Tenterden but in the UK 😉- highly recommend - Emma is amazing with my daughter we are lucky such a professional teaches on our doorstep and is able to pass on her knowledge and skills 🙏🏼" - Ellie Hoskin

  • "Adult tap classes are so much fun . Can’t wait to start tapping again after summer holidays. Emma is a great teacher catering for all levels" - Christine Johnstone

  • "Both my children are loving their dance lessons with Miss Emma who runs the Academy. She is an excellent teacher who knows how to encourage the children to be the best that they can be. Her wealth of knowledge in dance; guarantees professional teaching in a fun and challenging way! Highly recommend this dance school for any age and ability!" - Melissa Carter

  • "My daughter (aged 3 years) loves going to Brookes Dance Academy. Emma and her daughter are very professional caring and welcoming. Emma and her staff are brilliant. My daughter has such a great time she always asks when her next Dance lesson is." - Daniel Card

  • "Mrs Brookes is an excellent teacher, very professional and dedicated. My daughter really enjoys her class and has made great progress since she started at Brookes Dance Academy. I totally recommend it." - Adriana Philips Arias

  • "Our daughter was 2.5 years when she started. To start she was disruptive and unfocused.. But with Emma’s patience and teaching style, she soon got into the flow of things. She even wanted to wear her ballet uniform for bed the night before her class. The classes are great, exactly the right level of content to suit her age and stretch her. She loves the fun and the props." - Sara Di Carlo

  • "Highly recommend! Mrs Brookes is amazing! My daughter absolutely loves her classes and has really come out of her shell, thanks to Mrs Brookes. Mrs Brookes is professional and the classes are so much fun." - Sara Yassin

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