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Our last Dance Classes on Zoom

"And that's a wrap" as they say!

This morning we had our last Zoom classes of the term and hopefully the last time we have to do all our classes online!

Our YouTube channel has 109 videos of our classes over the past year; there so that any students who had technical difficulties or missed a class for any reason, could still access their lesson at a later date.

Although the year has of course been difficult for everyone I do always like to focus on the positives...

💜I am so proud of the way the students adapted to online learning and to their commitment to their dance classes.

💜I'm so grateful to their families who have had to relinquish their living rooms/kitchens etc sometimes several times a week for a year.

💜I have learnt lots and managed to access lots of CPD courses from all over the world that previously wouldn't have been available.

💜We have been able to organise lots of workshops for the students run by professionals currently working in the industry including, shows such as 9 to 5, Cats, Billionaire Boy. Musical theatre and jazz workshops, stage make up tutorials and an appearance form Elsa (Frozen).

What a year it's been!

I can't wait to see everyone back in our halls after Easter! 🤞


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