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Only 24 hours to go!

It’s show day tomorrow!

A lot has been going on behind the scenes so we thought we’d share with you what we have been up to!

Emma has been busy creating a lighting plan for the show and meeting with the lighting technician. As well as this we have sorted all the costumes and issued them to the children all ready for the dress rehearsal and show day. Along with costumes, we had our Finalé T-shirts printed and issued to each child. As you can tell from our social media pages, we have been busy making our props and can’t wait to get them all on the stage!

Lots of paperwork and admin bits and bobs have also been done in preparation for the show. We have had our BOPA (Body of Persons Approval) issued as well as getting all the paperwork ready required from Kent County Council to take to the theatre. All of our chaperone groups have been allocated and notes have been written for our chaperones letting them know which children need to be where and at what time, and also emergency numbers and any medical notes.

In rehearsals we have been polishing our dances and the students have been putting all of their effort in to practising in and out of rehearsals! A backstage plan for sound, lights and props has also been written ready for the dress rehearsal and show day.

Lastly, we have been very lucky to have one of our mums, Kiemia Farrow (who is a graphic designer), kindly put together the programme for us. It has been sent off to be printed and we’re so excited to see it!

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