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Halloween comes early to Tenterden

My own children (and husband) LOVE Halloween (I myself am not fussed), so with 'Trick or Treating' not going ahead this year I thought it'd be nice to have a Halloween theme during our last week before our half term break.

Our Ballet, Acro and Modern classes on Monday kicked us off in style with many of the children dressing up and decorating their hair.

The children had to perform 'tricks' to win a 'treat'! The tricks being things such as, "I will give a sweet to all those children who are stretching their legs and feet properly in this Tendu exercise", or "If you can hold a plank for 20 seconds you win a treat!". It's amazing the sheer determination that comes over them when sugar is involved! Haha!

The children had great fun and worked really hard - more photos to come later this week!

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