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Dance Show Preparations #2

With the show day nearing, we have been super busy ticking off our to do list!

The first exciting thing we got ticked off the list was booking the photographer and the videographer for the show and we can’t wait to see the final results after the show!

Next on the list was to start researching and sourcing costumes as well as start making sets and props for each dance. These jobs are always fun as it starts to bring the dances to life with what we have envisioned in rehearsals. Our costumes, sets and props will also reflect our show theme and the artwork/illustration that has inspired each dance. With these jobs being underway, the show is coming together visually as well as choreographically and we’re so excited to see it all together!

A few other things we have managed to do is apply for BOPA (Body of Persons Approval), which allows us to have an overall license for the performance. We have also started assigning our lovely chaperones to which show they will be helping out with and we have organised all students into chaperone groups. We are so grateful for our chaperones who have volunteered to help with the shows - we couldn’t do the performances without you!

We have also entered the stage of finalising our choreography for each dance! All of our students are working super hard during rehearsals and we are all so excited to share what we have been doing over the last few months!

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