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Dance Show Preparations #1

Well, the excitement is building for our forthcoming dance show on 2nd April. Behind the scenes we have been super busy!

Our first job was to decide on our theme. After much deliberation we have chosen to base all our dances on famous Art and Illustrations. Inspiration will come from works of art from Matisse, Dali, Picasso and Degas to name a few. We will also delve into famous children's illustrations such as Beatrix Potter, Disney and Alice in Wonderland.

The next job on the list was to recruit our chaperones! Children have to have licenced chaperones looking after them when performing in a theatre in this country, even if they are not doing it professionally. This meant asking our lovely parents if they would be willing to go through the training, applying for a DBS certificate and passing a safeguarding test. I'm delighted that so many parents have come forward to volunteer - we couldn't produce these shows without them, I'm very grateful!

Then came the music! Some of the choices were obvious to me and took no time at all - others not so much! The photo is me on my computer cutting the music for our Preschool dance. The pieces have to be the correct length for the age group, a suitable tempo and of course suited to the genre of dance and fit with the stimulus. Thank goodness for 'Audacity' - this job is a lot easier than it was thirty years ago when using tape to tape! (It still takes several days though!)

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