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Classical ballet is the foundation from which many dance forms have developed. Elegant, graceful and technically demanding it is considered a core skill to enable students to progress onto other dance genres.

Boys and girls can begin ballet classes from two years old.

As students progress they have the opportunity to take ISTD Imperial Ballet exams.


Modern dance is the basis for a variety of dance movement, working on skills such as strength, flexibility, dance quality and dynamics. It is often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. The ISTD Modern syllabus uses travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns encompassing elements of Contemporary, Jazz and Musical theatre.



Tap Dance is an exciting, percussive, rhythmical dance form. The dancer uses their feet to strike the floor, beating out a melody, with tap shoes which have small metal plates on the toe and heel to give the distinctive sound. Tap dance is a theatrical art form often seen on screen and stage in musicals



Acrobatic Dance blends classic dance styles with acrobatic elements. Some of the skills look similar to Gymnastics , however Acro Dance training includes expressive presentation, musicality and artistic movement and is trained to be able to perform the skills on a hard floor. Acro is a great asset to student's Modern Dance training.



Street dance encompasses many styles including breaking, hip hop, popping, locking and many more. Our classes teach many of these styles with particular emphasis on breaking.


Contemporary dance has evolved from Modern Dance into a genre of it's own right. It encourages creative freedom and artistic expression. The movement in Contemporary stems from the core and uses elements of contract, release, spiral, floor work, improvisation and fall and recovery.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre encompasses singing, dance and acting in one class. Students will learn routines from famous West End shows and films. 

Body Conditioning

This class is to stretch, strengthen and improve muscle memory. We use the Progressing Ballet Technique and Alixa Flexibility method alongside other stretching and strengthening techniques. It is recommended for all children age 6 and over wanting to take exams in any dance genre. The children are provided with their own progress book which they track their improvements.

A yoga ball, yoga block, Thera-band and mat are required for the class.

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