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Children's after school Classes


Age 5 upwards. The children will work towards taking their ISTD  Imperial Ballet exams should they wish to and when they are ready. 

Pointe Work Class

Age 12 upwards, only with several years of ballet training and having passed a strength test. Students will perform exercises and learn how to dance 'en pointe'.

Modern and Tap

Aged 5 upwards. These classes are currently combined meaning the children get the benefit of two classes in one. The children progress through the ISTD exams as and when they meet the required standards. 


Age 2 upwards. We follow the Acrobatic Arts program working through the levels appropriate for the child from our Pre-school program and then Primary - Level 6. Students work on Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Limbering and Tumbling at their own Level. The students have their own progress cards which they earn stickers for completing skills with correct technique.


Age 5 upwards. Students will learning breaking, hip hop and other street dance styles in this class.


Classes focus on expressive movement and creativity. A strong dance technique is required for Contemporary

Musical Theatre

Age 4 upwards. Students will learn to sing, dance and act, learning routines from films and West End productions.

Body Conditioning 

Age 6 upwards. A class that supports a child's dance training or just as a general fitness class. We work on flexibility and strength using personalised booklets to track the child's progress.

The class your child enters will depend on their age and experience and is at the teacher's discretion.

Ballet Classes for children in Tenterden
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